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          Since May 2016, Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co., Ltd. catch security, promote production and strict rectification, innovation, extension market, to ensure that the work of the company orderly and healthy development.

          Gross output value in May: 37618.68 tons

          Sales of all kinds of products totaled 36153.82 tons, the highest level of production and sales in the first half.

          Under the support of Beihai City, Hepu County, Akashi, the town Party committees and governments company sign lease achieved a major breakthrough, completed a total of Zheng rent of about 120 acres, also other land mine syndrome rent negotiate in actively promoting.


          The State Administration of safety supervision and management to Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co. Ltd. to inspect and guide the work
          Application of kaolin in the field of red tide control



          Resource reserves have made major breakthroughs and sales of innovative high

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