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          kaolin in agricultural production application: calcined kaolin of 7-25 m wavelength infrared has barrier function, when the addition of modified calcined kaolin, the plastic sheeting in the nighttime temperature increases 2-3 DEG C. The temperature difference between day and night is reduced, which is beneficial to the growth of crops. At the same time, the addition of calcined kaolin, can reduce the direct ray film studio, and the rise of the X-ray scattering and crops by uniform illumination and good for crop photosynthesis. China's agricultural greenhouse effect is relatively poor; the main reason is the low rate of infrared barrier, shielding effect. Due to the barrier ability of kaolin is close to the mica and moderate in price, so in the agricultural greenhouse film do heat preservation agent, which can not only improve the film heat preservation, and can reduce the film cost of raw materials is very promising.

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