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          Ocean Governance
          This material is developed by the Institute of marine science, Chinese Academy of sciences. With the high quality kaolin as the main raw material, the red tide has a high efficient elimination function by the...

          Ceramic Industry
          Our daily-use porcelain products of kaolin is a sandy kaolin ore after water washing, removing sand, grading, bleaching, filter press process for the production of products...

          Paint and Coatings Industry
          Kaolin is used for filling in coatings because it has the characteristics of chemical inertia, draft coverage, ideal flow performance, low cost, white color, and reduced demand for expensive fuel. In addition...

          Rubber Plastics Industry
          Kaolin in rubber industry to fill the role, it joined the latex mixture can improve the rubber properties, such as improve the mechanical strength of rubber products, increase its wear resistance and...

          Glue Industry
          My company production of pure kaolin with whiteness, soft, easy to disperse suspended in water, good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties...